Install SharePoint 2013 briefly in one machine

Installation of SharePoint 2013 includes following four parts. Four parts are installed in one machnine to develop briefly.
1. Configure AD;
2. Install Database;
3. Configure Windows Server 2012;
4. Install SharePoint 2013;

1. Configure AD:

In Windows Server, a user “spAdmin” is created and Switch to this user before configuring AD

Then create a new AD forest.

After successful installation, sign with the domain user “sp2013sp1\spAdmin”.

 2. Install Database

    -> Before Installation Database, configure other users for database. Select “AD Users and Computers” and add users.

  • spAdmin (SharePoint Setup Administrator and should be added to Administrators Group, already configured in first step.)
  • sqlSvcAcc (SQL Server Service Account)
  • spFarmAcc (SharePoint FarmAccount)

and then install and configure SQL Server.

    => select two features

=> configure service account in setup

=> Add role of “spAdmin” in DB.

3. Configure Windows Server 2012;

Install the following role and feature on Windows Server 2012.

a. Role: ApplicationServer

=> Feature:

b. Role: WebServer

=> Role Service

4. Install SharePoint 2013

=> Install “prerequisitinstaller”;

=> Install SharePoint and configure it.