SDK for Windows 10 is not installed with Visual Studio 2015?

I have tried with Visual Studio 2015(Community&Enterprise both) in Windows 10, which is updated from my windows 8.1. Before installation, I have selected all the components of Visual Studio. But an universal app can still not be created, it displays the following error.


When I click “Install”, it is redirected to Microsoft home page.

I should install the SDK with following link manuelly again. Then universal app can be created.


Hint of My Visual Studio Shortcuts

Edit Code:

  • Delete to the word from Beginning or End (Ctrl+DEL => forward, Ctrl + Backspace => backward)
  • Move the cursor one word to the left/right (Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow)


  • View in Browser: Ctrl +Shift + W


  • Navigate To ( Ctrl+Comma) feature provides search-as-you-type support for code file.
  • Quick Launch


More shortcuts:

Gerät zur Entwicklung in Windows 10 Preview kann noch nicht aktiviert werden.

Wenn man erstmal in Visual Studio 2015 RC eine App entwickeln möchte, kommt immer dieser Dialog vor.


Das Problem kann weder durch PowerShell noch in Einstellung über Entwickler-Mode behoben werden. Das Element steht noch nicht in Einstellung zur Verfügung.

=> This problem is now solved in VS 2015 and the Settings in Windows 10 should be changed to “Developer Mode”.